About Paid Modules

Running bots costs money. In order for us to keep our amazing bots alive, we need to make sure that we have the money to run them.

About Paid Modules


The Education Module allows Teachers, Students, and other Businesses to work in an educational Discord environment. Math Teachers can have their own calculator, while Students can learn information about their 500-word essay that requires 700 words.


The Database module uses multiple ways of storing data for your personal needs. Need to store some emails? Connor has you covered. Need a way to store all of your game keys? Connor's got you. With options like 2FA, Password Verification, and 4 - 6 digit codes, we provide a secure environment for storing data. Even I probably won't know that code for the new Mario game! Our Database module will satisfy your vault needs.

Sometimes the Moderation, Server Moderation, and Bot Settings modules aren't good enough. You're going to need some powerful tools. With moderation tools like multiple bans, mutes, and mute channels, and server tools like webhook management and more, you're not going to need your mouse for a while. Connor can set up almost everything you need, like Webhook Integration Management, Invites Management, and Emoji Management, the menu isn't going to be clicked by you anytime soon.