?help moderation

[] is optional; <> is required

Most of these commands will require administrator permissions, Such as: Manage Messages — Ban Members — Kick Members — Manage Server



?ban <user> <reason>

Ban a specified user.

?kick <user> <reason>

Kick a specified user.

?mute <user> <reason>

Prevent a user from talking, in both a text and voice channel. No roles required.

?nick <self|user> <nickname>

Change the nickname of yourself or someone else.

?purge <messages> [channel]

Purge a channel of a certain amount of messages. If no channel specified, will purge the current channel.

?mutechannel <channel> [duration]

Prevent anyone from talking in a text channel, except those with Manage Messages permission and other bots. Choice of a temporary mute. (Must be in minutes)

?unban <user>

Unbans a banned user.

?unmute <user>

Unmutes a specified user.

?unmutechannel <channel> [reason]

Unmute a muted text channel. Choice of temporary unmute (Must be in minutes).

?tempban <user> <duration> <reason>

Temporarily ban a user. Duration must be in hours.

?tempmute <user> <duration> <reason>

Temporarily mute a specified user. Duration must be in minutes.

?deafen <user> <reason>

Deafen a user in a voice channel.

?undeafen <user> <reason>

Undeafens a user in a voice channel.

Deafening users must be in a voice channel. This may crash the bot and cause it to be unresponsive from time to time.