Information about the Database module.

?help database

[] is optional; <> is required

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Getting Started


This is a list of commands for the Database module.



?new <keyword>

Stores the keyword(s) for safekeeping in a returned code.

?get <code>

Gets the keyword(s) from the code that was returned.

?password <code> <password>

Sets a password for the code. This is highly recommended.


How it Works

Password forces users to enter a customized password in order to access data. This is recommended if you need to store private information. Even if we tried, we can't access your data because we don't know MySQL.


Setting the Password after ?new:

Setting my passsword to this.

Getting the password with the code:

After entering the password, Connor will check for any instances of 2FA and Protection.

Passwords support spaces and any characters. There is also no character limit (besides Discord's 2,000 character limit.)

2FA (Two-Factor Authentication)


2FA can only be enabled if Password is enabled.

For the ?2FA command:

How it Works

Using the 2FA command, users have a choice to have either the codes sent to an account or a channel. This is one of the most secure ways to protect data.


If you select a user as your account, the account selected will be DMed by the bot that requires them to typeaccept in their DM. If they have sent it before it expires (They have 12 hours), the account will be DMed every time a user attempts to access the data. The 2FA codes expire in 30 minutes an


Protection is compatible with both Password and 2FA.

How it Works

Using the ?protection command, users will be checked if they have Guild permissions to access the data. This is recommended for storing data with Staff Members on one guild. This makes it so that the Database Module is Guild-Only. If you want this to change, see suggestions. This works with both Password and 2FA, so you can have more layers of security if you want.