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You've probably ran into a couple of messages like these:

ConnorBot's Error Message (Taken during December)

Well, if you've already answered the questions, and still don't know what is going on, then you can contact us!

You can either click on the link providedĀ or click here to join our support server.

Can't join the server? DM a Dev:

  • GamerCoder215#2640

    • Head Developer

    • ID: 572173428086538270

  • doggo#2499

    • Junior Developer

    • ID: 328594539365531651

  • SadSanta#9999

    • Developer

    • ID: 773656197542313994

  • [REDACTED]#4242

    • Developer

    • ID: 628298193922424857

More communication options will be added soon. Please be patient.